Slides from the CCT Workshop

Hello world and welcome all to the introductory post on the Applied Category Theory Blog.

There won’t be any new content in this post, but I wanted to go ahead and put up the slides from our workshop last week. Thanks again to all of the participants for making the workshop such a success!

As you can probably tell, the website here is still under construction, but we hope that over time it will become a one-stop-shop for all things applied category theory. If you would like to help out building up the content for the site, or just to write a quick blog post, email one of the editors listed on the Contact page.

Later this month we here at NIST will be writing up a report based on the workshop. Once that is available I will ping the mailing list and Google Group, and advertise it and this site more widely.

Without further ado, here are the slides from the workshop:

Computational Category Theory Workshop – Sept. 28-29 – Abstracts

Computational Category Theory Workshop – Sept. 28-29 – Schedule

Spencer Breiner – Structural Mathematics for Complex Systems

David Spivak – Operadics – The mathematics of modular design

Peter Gates – Data Landscaping to Support Coordination at Scale

Ryan Wisnesky – The Functorial Data Model

Henson Graves – Axiomatic Category Theory for Knowledge Representation

Bob Rosebrugh – Implementing database design (and manipulation) categorically

Rad Balu – Horn Clause Logic for Subatomics

Ralph Wojtowicz – A Categorical Approach to Knowledge Management

Jason Morton – An approach to computational category theory


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