People & Collaborations

(There will eventually be a FQL database instance here, with all emails and indicated collaborations. For now, here is a list of people.)

If you are searching for or open to collaborators, please put a comment down below with your name, area, email, and 2-3 sentences indicating your research interest.

Categories for databases – how can category theory help us understand and design better database technologies? Relevant papers: Rosebrugh 1996, Spivak 2011.

  • David Spivak –
  • Bob Rosebrugh
  • Michael Johnson
  • Ryan Wisnesky

Categories for knowledge representation – Relevant papers

  • Eswaran Subrahmanian
  • Al Jones
  • Henson Graves
  • Spencer Breiner
  • David Spivak
  • Ralph Wojtowicz
  • Stephen Molloy
  • Joshua Tan

Algorithms and representations for ACT – description, papers

  • Ryan Wisnesky
  • Jason Morton

Categories for programming languages – description, papers

  • ???


  • Radhakrishnan Balu
  • Jacques Carette

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