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Prior to the larger meeting in Leiden in April/May, on March 15-16 NIST will be holding a small workshop on ACT aimed at practical planning for the field.

John Baez has suggested that some may want to stay a couple of extra days to continue working over the weekend, a proposal which I heartily second. I’ve added this thread to the ACT blog so that we can coordinate in one place rather than by email.

Unfortunately, NIST is closed to foreign visitors over the weekend, so we will need to find a different location, something that I (Spencer) will work on.

Below are the original message and the replies so far. Add your own vote in the comments.

John Baez wrote:

Hi –

Since a bunch of us are going to the applied category theory workshop in Gaithersburg on Thursday March 14th and Friday March 15th, I’m wondering if any of you would like to stay on a bit longer and talk on Saturday and/or Sunday.   I think it would be fun and productive!

I sent this email only to those people whose email addresses I happen to have.  I’m not trying to set up a secret club, so if any of you know other participants who may be interested, please pass this on.

Best, jb

Steve Huntsman wrote:

I live in the area and should be able to clear time on the weekend.

It would be nice to have access to white/chalkboards, wherever we might meet. Failing that, I could surely find some large-format paper and markers, and perhaps even a portable stand to mount it on sitting around my workplace. Maybe other locals have a better idea (or could do something similar in parallel).

David Spivak wrote:

Good idea, John. I’m considering it. Anyone else?

John Baez wrote:

Since people who say they can’t are mainly emailing just me, let me mention that Jamie Vicary and Bob Coecke can’t, and Steve Huntsman can.

I only need a few good people to talk to, to make it worth hanging out and talking: I only have two ears and one mouth.

Best, jb

Dusko Pavlovic wrote:

hi john,

bringing this group together is an excellent idea, and staying the conversation would be very interesting.

i see though there is a bellairs workshop right after, about diagrammatic reasoning…

one idea is to meet a day or two before. another idea is that, if Gaithersburg does not work, maybe we could all meet for a week in honolulu. if we plan a bit in advance, we could probably get accommodation on campus…

i appreciate your initiative and would be very interested to participate if possible.

all teh best, — dusko

Ryan Wisnesky wrote:

I’d be happy to stay longer.


9 thoughts on “NIST Workshop extension”

  1. I will certainly join anyone who stays over the weekend, and I will work on finding a good place for us to meet those days.

  2. I’m arriving late Wednesday night and leaving Sunday on a flight that departs from Dulles Airport at 7 pm. I’ll get a hotel room somewhere around Gaithersburg. So, I’ll be available to talk during the weekend… and if nobody wants to talk, I’ll go visit my sister, who lives around there.

  3. Very nice idea! I will likely be able to stay over the weekend for more discussions. Let me know if this is confirmed so that I can make travel arrangements.

    1. Alberto – I’m definitely staying on Saturday, so is Ryan Wisnewsky, and so is Evan Patterson. I think Spencer Breiner will join us. Others have expressed interest, but at least a few of us will be having conversations, and you’re welcome to join us.

  4. I plan to attend the workshop on Thursday, March 15, but unfortunately will not be available after that. Several from Metron, Inc. have registered and plan to attend. Most are researching ACT for DARPA CASCADE or FUN DESIGN programs, and the soon-to-kickoff PROTEUS.

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