Kan Extension Lab

When: applications due Nov. 1, first meeting Jan. 6
Where: online
Who: TBC

Leading into the school week, we will host an online seminar called the Kan Extension Lab targeted at 10-12 graduate students with existing knowledge either in category theory or in one of the topic areas listed in the rough schedule below.

1. 1st week (Week of December 17th): introductory meeting
2. 2nd week: programming languages (Scott, Lambek, Goguen)
3. 3rd week: quantum information (Abramsky and Brandenburger) 4. 4th week: data analysis (McCullagh, Bubenik, Jost)
5. 5th week: dynamical systems (Behrisch et al., Spivak et al.)
6. 6th week: biology (Rashevsky, Rosen)
7. 7th week: AI and cognitive science (Ehresmann et al., Gomez-Ramirez)
8. 8th week (Week of March 25th): “problem talk”